Backbench Warrior
Cries from the back of the chamber.

No2EU have it half-right.

The collection of communists and socialists that make-up new eurosceptic outfit No2EU have something right. The European Union’s increasing powers may one day interfere with the UK’s National Health Service. The recent skirmish involving the Working Time Directive proves that and is an issue that is far from resolved.

However, Bob Crow and his cronies have something wrong. People voting No2EU are wasting their votes. The Party will sink into obscurity after the European Election after receiving an embrassingly low number of votes. They are already looking to blame lack of media attention on a bad result.

Those looking to stab right into the heart of the European Union – and our corrupt politicians at the same time – should be voting for eurosceptics with large scale support at these Elections. If people vote UKIP in their millions, perhaps finally the already eurosceptic British public will be pushed over the edge.


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