Backbench Warrior
Cries from the back of the chamber.

The way to beat the BNP.

Everytime a hated politician explicitly states to the public not to vote National Socialist and not vote for the BNP, they are giving those who view all establishment Party politicians as one big mass of excrement another reason to.

This is a a minute Party. Yes, one of the extreme left-wing, but still a tiny outfit. The answer is to do what The Guardian partly did by getting respected public figures involved. That means people that aren’t politicians. Unfortunately, Matt Lucas and Gary Neville said don’t vote BNP on a letter shared with our detested Prime Minister. So its effect was greatly lost. But the right idea.

People vote for the BNP because they the Party is hated by the very political establishment who potential BNP voters hate. The answer is to bring in external reinforcements and attack the BNP on a reasonable scale. Please, no more front page publicity for these fascists.


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